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Obesity Treatment ( Obyslim) INR   2100 INR  2100
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Obesity Treatment ( Obyslim)

India has been listed on third rank in top 5 countries that have a large number of populations suffering from the disease of obesity, making it a concerned topic to discuss about. Many people don’t even realise that they have become obese, till they start facing serious health issues associated with obesity. To fight back the disease it is necessary to first understand it to the core. Fat is an essential element in the body, it is required in ample amount for the proper and smooth functioning of the body and its system. When a condition occurs in which much fat is accumulated than necessary due to overeating, lack of exercise makes people overweight and obese. If Calorie intake increases more than metabolic rate and doesn’t get burn through physical activity it starts getting stored as a fat in various body parts causing health related problems likewise diabetes, hypertension, heart attack.

INR 2100 INR 2100


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Leucorrhoea Treatment INR   2990 INR  2990
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Leucorrhoea Treatment

Leucorrhoea, excessive white and sticky discharge from the vagina is a general issue of all the women. As the female genitals are moist, sweatier, and covered, they are very much prone to infections or unhygienic conditions. In such condition, the fouling-smell makes it embarrassing for the women to get into social gatherings and even during the sexual activity. The affected women need comfort, deterrence of impurity, and some counseling as they typically have irregular psychological scores. When it comes to Ayurveda, leucorrhoea is known as Shveta Pradar, where Shveta stands for ‘white’ and Pradar stands for discharge.

INR 2990 INR 2990


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